Sunday, June 11, 2017


"I'll remember that." Hand embroidery on katazome, vintage kimono fabric.
My dear friend Jean-Pierre commissioned me to stitch three pieces in memory of his mother, Constance. I was lucky to meet her a few times before her untimely passing -- she was a vibrant, kind, lovely woman.
"There's a lot of work in that." Hand embroidery on vintage katazome. (This one was tricky, I wanted the viewer to actually have to struggle a bit to make out the words. It's much easier in real life.)
She had a few favourite sayings, and these were the words that Jean-Pierre gave me to work with, along with some beautiful Japanese fabric.
"I'm saving it like gold." Hand embroidery on boro cloth.
Constance had beautiful penmanship, and I tried to replicate it as best I could. I think her words are representative of heartfelt appreciation, perhaps where she might have felt a bit out of her depth, but intended to convey encouragement and caring. Such a lovely woman, she is missed.


  1. I love these pieces Heather.x

  2. a beautiful honouring

  3. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I'm not into tombstones, and in fact, Mom's ashes were buried in the family plot in Trois-Pistoles, a small village on the St.Lawrence. That's about to ooposite side of the world from where I live (Japan) so I wanted a memorial that was not only closer, but also has the warmth of an old piece of cloth, not granite or marble. I alos wanted to seet hose words again, that I had heard so many times during her life. You've done wonderful work (again) and I look forward to having all three pieces up. Thanks Heather! Jean-Pierre

  4. i really love these. The whole idea behind the nature of the written word in stitch.

  5. a most beautiful honoring..just lovely

  6. Lovingly created.

  7. this is fine work indeed.

  8. What a great way to remember Mom!


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